Unlock locationless caches that already exist

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Locationless (Reverse) Caches

Locationless caches could be considered the opposite of a traditional cache. Instead of finding a hidden container, you are given a task to locate a specific object and log its coordinates. A scavenger hunt of sorts, it involves collecting waypoints of various objects around the world.

They have been moved to waymarking.com and were locked for bandwidth reasons. Now that this is no longer a problem, they should be unlocked to allow people to log the ones that already exist if they can find them.

We talked about it when we met Bryan, Elias and Jermey in Ulm, but they didn’t want to make a commitment to unlock existing LCs.

Yes, I want this icon! – When I was beginning with geocaching they still existed but I didn’t recognize that they won’t be available anymore within a short time, so I missed to log one. Now we’ve found a survey on groundspeaks feedback page.

So, if you want to get this special icon also take your chance and vote for it!

If you don’t like locationless caches at all: still vote for us and just don’t log one.

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